Automatically Deploy GitHub Branches for Testing, No Servers Required!

Get a full test environment for any GitHub branch or tag with the push of a button. Anyone can spin up an ephemeral environment without needing to manage or worry about servers.

Use it for a demo, QA , integration tests or even to stage a tag for deployment. When you're done, simply trash it and move on!

  • Container based for speed and efficiency
  • Fully integrated with GitHub
  • Integrates with Slack for deployments and notifications

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Deploy as many branches or tags from GitHub as you like, collaborate and iterate on them until they are done then throw them away!

Unlimited Branches

You are only limited by the number of concurrent environments your plan allows.

Fast Updates

Need to test some new changes? Update a deployed environment with the push of a button or, optionally, have it updated every time you push changes to GitHub.


There are no servers to manage, no scripts to run. Anyone can deploy with the push of a button or a simple Slack command.

Slack Notifications

Get notified in Slack when your branch is deployed or updated.

Bring Your Data

You can populate your environment with existing testing data or even data from another deployed environment.

Console Access

Access a console for any of the services in your environment to debug issues.

How does it work?

It only takes a few steps to get setup and then it's smooth sailing!

Link to GitHub

We work seamlessely with GitHub so you don't need to change your workflow.

Configure your App

Monolith or microservices, we do it all! Use our UI to configure your app so we know how to deploy it.


Deploy branches via our dashboard, Slack or automatically when a PR is created in GitHub.

Frequestly Asked Questions

Will there a free plan?

Plans will be determined closer to launch.

Is it secure?

We take the security of your code very seriously. Your environments run in a secure, containerized environment.

How many environments can I deploy?

The limit will fluctuate during beta and once we launch it will be determined by your selected plan.

How is console access secured?

You will be able to access your service consoles via our dashboard. Only authenticated users will be able to access the console.

How can I import my data?

You can upload testing datasets to our system for use in your environments. You can also use data from an existing environment when you deploy.

How long do my environments live?

As long as you want! We will never shutdown or pause your environments and you are only limited by the number of concurrent environments that your plan allows.

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